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The Hercules Roofing is a US national Roofing company located in Boca Raton, Florida. To figure out why customers choose Hercules Roofing and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Posted Apr, 18 2019
    Update: Do not believe the owner's response. It's inaccurate and false. So, I don't really need to go any further. Again, BEWARE of this company.
    There was a hole in the valley. I called Hercules Roofing to find the culprit and perform repairs to stop the leak. They charged me $1300 for the repairs, and the work took about two hours. Then, it leaked again within a matter of months in the same area! I contacted the owner regarding the leak, and didn't expect to pay because the work was supposed to be covered by warranty. Owner Gil Stein and Operations Manager Wayne Franklin refused and pointed out that the leak came from the upper valley, and said the patched up hole wouldn't have worked anyway. The bottom line is, their argument was illogical. They quoted the repairs to be $2588 on top of what I had paid months ago. I hired another roofer with 40 years of experience, and he was stunned with the shoddy work performed by Hercules Roofing, and was stunned by the price they quoted me for. Pictures are attached. Put simply, AVOID THIS COMPANY! They wouldn't honor warranty agreement and would come up with various excuses to make you pay more. Hercules Roofing is run by corrupt, unethical, immoral people. They're not worthy of any recognition by anyone. I will also file reports against the company to various entities. BEWARE of this company!
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